Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Pavement Services

Commercial asphalt pavement requires expert services by experienced pavers to maintain the long-term use of your asphalt paving project. With ongoing wear-and-tear caused by hundreds, and potentially thousands, of customers and drivers per day, commercial asphalt pavement needs asphalt contractors with experience in asphalt paving for large-scale projects like patching, parking lot expansion, and more.

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Our asphalt pavement resources allow our team to deal in large quantities of commercial-grade asphalt paving. This helps big businesses keep exterior grounds like parking lot expansions and patching surfaces weather-protected and smooth for pedestrians and drivers. In hiring professional pavers for your commercial project, you can expect dedicated services. At Pave Co LTD., we ensure asphalt pavement, patching, and so much more installed with asphalt paving products and materials that will last.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Preparing New Asphalt and Old Asphalt Pavement Surfaces

Asphalt paving involves important steps to ensure a long-lasting asphalt pavement that maintains a strong, flexible, and smooth finish. Our commercial paving contractors offer detailed services that ensure your patching, parking lot expansion, and new asphalt are ready for driving and foot traffic!

  • Our team ensures any old asphalt pavement surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped before applying new asphalt pavement.
  • We remove former asphalt paving markings through striping so that the new asphalt paving surface is smooth and uniform.
  • It’s important to mask basins and manhole covers during the asphalt pavement process and asphalt repair construction - we do that!
  • Our team of expert paving contractors ensures a level surface before installing new asphalt paving across your commercial exterior, this includes parking lot expansions, patching, new parking lots, existing parking lots, and other exterior parking spaces.

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